Common Uses for Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is a popular choice for fencing among home and business owners. It is a versatile option that is affordable and functional. There are many applications for this type of fencing in both residential and commercial scenarios. The following are some of the most common:

Containing animals and people – Whether you have pets or small children, a chain link fence will help you to contain them. It can be installed around the entire yard so the children and pets have free range on the property, or can be made into a smaller kennel for animal containment.

Defining boundaries – Chain link fencing is perfect for defining the boundaries between two yards or two businesses. It can be installed around a park and can be installed within the park to define areas (such as rivers) that should not be accessed by the public.

Providing security – For properties that rely on security, chain link topped with barbed wire is a great option. Security for a residential area can also be improved with this type of fence and especially with privacy mesh or vinyl slats installed in conjunction with it. This also allows residents the security of being able to enjoy their yard without anyone watching them.

If you are considering a new fencing option for your residential or commercial property, look into chain link. As a versatile choice, it may check off everything on your checklist. Contact South Bay Fence, Inc. today to learn more about chain link fencing.