The Legacy Begins: The 1960s

More than half a century ago, South Bay Fence was born from a vision to provide the San Diego community with quality fencing solutions that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Established in 1960, our humble beginnings were rooted in the bustling growth of San Diego. As the city expanded and evolved, so did we, rising to meet the diverse fencing needs of a changing landscape.

The Heartbeat of Chula Vista: Our Home for Over 50 Years

Choosing Chula Vista as our home base was no coincidence. Located at the heart of San Diego, this city offered the perfect vantage point from which to understand and serve the wider region. From our Chula Vista offices, we’ve watched generations grow, businesses flourish, and communities come together—all while being an integral part of that very transformation through our services.

Stepping Up to Challenges: Decades of Dedication

Throughout the years, we’ve taken on myriad projects, some straightforward and others that tested the limits of our creativity and expertise. From crafting the ideal park fences to designing custom gates for city landmarks, each challenge honed our skills further. Our association with the American Fence Association (AFA) is a testament to our commitment to industry standards and evolving best practices.

More than Just Fencing: Building Relationships

Our longevity isn’t just a testament to our craftsmanship, but also to the relationships we’ve nurtured over the decades. We’ve become a trusted resource for contractors, architects, real estate agents, and landscapers. But more importantly, we’ve built trust with homeowners, businesses, and the broader community by delivering consistently outstanding results.

Looking Ahead: The Future of South Bay Fence

As we reflect on our storied past, we’re also excited about the future. The world may change, technologies may evolve, but our commitment to quality, integrity, and the San Diego community will remain steadfast. Our history isn’t just about fences; it’s about being a reliable partner, a community member, and a testament to the spirit of perseverance and excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to crafting more history with you.

Our History