Professional Tennis Court Fencing in San Diego

Many elements go into creating a safe facility for sporting events. It’s not just the seats in the stadium but all the equipment that protects the players and spectators. At South Bay Fence, Inc. in San Diego, we have decades of experience in providing tennis court fencing and windscreens to create an optimal playing experience for those on the field and in the stands.

We’ve installed many different types of sports fences in the Southern California area. A tennis court fence has to be precisely installed to withstand the beating it takes over time. We understand the precision required for all types of fences to protect players in many types of sports. From batting cages to football fields, we can find the solution that fits your arena.

Benefits of Windscreens

Windscreens are a great way to increase business support around the perimeter fencing while protecting players from the fierce winds that can come off the ocean. Print business names and branding on the screen before installation to let companies show their support. Increase your advertising revenue while reducing wind resistance on the court. If advertising isn’t on your agenda, print team support on the screens to show off their awards and wins. Add color and pizazz to your stadium.