Quality Commercial and Industrial Fencing in San Diego

With more than four decades of experience, South Bay Fence, Inc. has worked on every type of fence project imaginable. From commercial fences for parks and baseball fields to industrial fences for construction and safety, no project is too big or too small for us. In addition, we stock supplies for fencing on site. We have what you need to build your fence.

We carry a wide variety of commercial and industrial options for fences including:

  • Ornamental iron fencing
  • Chain link fences
  • Custom gates
  • Barricades/MBG

Our customers include schools, colleges, federal buildings and temporary construction sites. We have also fulfilled federal and public work contracts within the area. Tennis courts, pools and batting cages are just a few of the projects we’ve handled for local businesses like hotels and commercial buildings. Our fences last, even under the harsh weather that sometimes hits Southern California.

Do You Need a Temporary Fence?

During construction or a special event, your business may require temporary fencing instead of a permanent fixture. We offer many different solutions for your needs, whether it’s for security in keeping people out of the area or creating partitions for a fair or sports event. Our contractor knows the right installation to suit your goals. Let us find the right fence that keeps your site protected.