Install a Durable Baseball Backstop in San Diego

A sports facility is important to the community, but having the right fencing makes all the difference in keeping athletes and spectators protected during play. South Bay Fence, Inc. in San Diego will install all the fence equipment around your field to prevent injuries from misguided balls. Consider a baseball backstop to keep visitors safe.

Take care of your baseball field with windscreens and an outfield fence that custom fits your facility. For more than 50 years, our company has been providing quality, affordable barriers at businesses and homes in the area. Don’t let anyone get hit by a softball that’s gone wild.

We Can Also Provide Outfield Fencing

When providing a safe area for athletes, it’s not just the baseball backstop that you need. Outfield fencing protects the parking lot and prevents players from running into a dangerous situation. Discuss your sports field with one of our contractors to ensure you have all the windscreens and batting cages you need to keep players and visitors safe. With windscreens, you increase the branding opportunities in your field. Let businesses sponsor one for added advertisement and support of the players. Coordinate these screens with installation of a fence and increase the wind blockage into your arena.