Five Signs You Have Termites

No one wants to hear that they have a termite problem. This is especially true if the damage is severe. In order to prevent this from happening, you should take the time to review the signs of termites and regularly inspect your property.
1. There Is a Swarm
Swarming termites inside your home are a clear indication that they have taken up residence and are feasting on your support beams and walls. If you do not see the swarm yourself, you may find a pile of wings in low-lying areas such as the basement in the Spring.
2. You see Hollowed-out Wood
If you notice pieces of crumbling or hollowed-out wood anywhere on your property, but especially around the perimeter of your home, you should immediately call an exterminator.
3. You See Bugs During Construction
Termite damage is almost always most apparent during a home remodel. This is when the beams and studs of your home are exposed and the damage can easily be seen. Look for little winged bugs that stay close to the wood.
4. There Are Mud Tunnels
Termites use mud tunnels to travel to and from food sources back to their nest. If you see these in or along the walls of your home, you likely have a problem.
5. Termite Activity
Potential home buyers often get notice after an inspection of evidence of termite activity. Since termite may or may not be active, this could be a serious problem that requires immediate attention.
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